"I’ve gotten fitter and stronger each year"

At Century, we consider ourselves a big family.

But some members have closer family ties than others. Like Svetlana and her daughter Emma.

Some people are surprised to hear that a mother and daughter can both be in the same class and achieve their fitness goals together. Not us.

Our boot camps work so well because they challenge people of all fitness levels. They challenge people of all ages. Everyone is challenged, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. That’s why you can catch parents with their kids down at our boot camps. Both on the same mission to improve their health and fitness together.

All exercises at Century are done to your own ability. Older or younger, we push you to be better than your last training session. That’s why our members have been with us for years.

There’s always a new challenge. We push you to continually take yourself to the next level. Continual improvement.

Here’s what Svetlana says:

I’ve gotten fitter and stronger each year. Its been really good. And I love the challenge. The challenge is what keeps us here. The sooner you get training, the fitter you’ll be.

Will you take the challenge?

To get your fitness back on track enrol now. Take the challenge, don’t look back.

The sooner you start, the fitter you’ll be.