It’s a big family. Not one workout is the same. It’s all different. Don’t hesitate. Come down, push yourself, and you’ll get there, and you’ll love it.


5/5 - Kristen, Feb 2021

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I love the incredible sense of community that we have here. After each session, I know that I've done my very best and have been pushed to do the best that I can do.


5/5 - Alissa, Feb 2021

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I’ve gotten fitter and stronger each year. Its been really good. And I love the challenge. The challenge is what keeps us here. The sooner you get training, the fitter you’ll be.


5/5 - , Feb 2021

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The adrenaline you get after a boot camp session is something that you will never get anywhere else in any fitness group. I haven’t looked back since joining. I just love being here.


5/5 - Emma, Feb 2021

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My fitness has increased dramatically. I dropped a hell of a lot of weight. I like the humour that the coaches dish out. They motivate us. But they also keep it very fun.


5/5 - Dave, Feb 2021

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It’s a great personal challenge. I love the mates I’ve made. You work together, all on the same mission. All helping each other achieve your fitness goals. Century is fantastic. If you’re on the fence, I’d encourage you to give it a go. You won’t regret it.


5/5 - Paul, Feb 2021

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Century has helped me push myself to do things that I would have never thought I would do at my age. You’re surrounded by a bunch of people who’ve got the same determination to be the best versions of themselves they can. Great Banter. A bit of tough talk at times. But it keeps me motivated. It’s tough, its always tough. It doesn’t get any easier. But you learn so much about yourself and you always just get better.


5/5 - Philippa, Feb 2021

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Steve and the team really push you along. He’s good at motivating you to achieve results.

5/5 - Bernie, Aug 2020

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I haven’t come across a style of workout that consistently challenged my fitness. It’s the best investment you can do for your health.

5/5 - Megan, Aug 2020

I feel fitter now in my 40’s than I did even in my 20’s when I was in the services.

5/5 - Nicole, Aug 2020

I have trained and played sport at a state level, but have never had the same results as I have with the team from Century. The...


5/5 - Reuben, Aug 2020

I really love training outdoors. Everyone is really friendly and team training is great to push yourself whilst also being able to go at your own...


5/5 - Natalie, Aug 2020