Remote Training

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Remote Training is an App-based periodised program that can be joined anywhere, anytime from just $39/4weeks!

Our program is designed for use on smart phones and devices via our fully functional fitness App and requires no fancy equipment, spaces or previous fitness experience to complete. All our workouts are self-paced and easily followed thanks to smart in-App timers, set layouts and video tutorials.

Each program consists of a 4-week plan with 16 workouts – 12 static workouts that can be completed in as little as a 2mx2m space and 4 outdoor workouts which are ideally completed in a backyard or local oval, however can also be easily adapted to be work indoors.

Remote Training is broken up into weekly microcycles, monthly mesocycles and form part of a quarterly macrocycle. Each cycle is developed with specific targets and goals to accelerate results. At the end of each quarter our workout plans are re-freshed with some workouts replaced or updated and the next quarterly cycle tweaked to ensure continual improvement.

Participants can expect to conduct high volume body-weight strength endurance training, offset with completing lactate threshold training or high-intensity interval training.

For optimal results, we recommend completing at least 4 workouts a week.

Features of Remote Training include:

  • Immediate start – no time to delay!
  • In-app private messaging with Century Coaches
  • Personal best and fitness targets tracking
  • Static (2m x 2m) and outdoor workouts in each program
  • Customisable private profile to capture and track progress photos and stats- Exercise demo videos with descriptions for all workouts
  • In-app workout timer and tracker
  • Integration with Apple Watch, FitBit, My Fitness Pal, Withings Health to track additional expenditure and food – iOS and Android compatible
  • App support and troubleshooting

Remote Training is perfect for people who are:

  • Shift workers
  • Frequent travelers
  • Time poor
  • Cannot commit to set class times
  • Adolescents
  • Students
  • Prefer home training
  • Budget conscious
  • Past Century athletes who have moved away
  • Current Century athletes who want to supplement their training

Cost: There are no long lock-in contracts or tricky subscription cancellation processes, if you wish to sign up for a new program simply purchase the next program online to have new workouts loaded to your App on completion of your current program.

Sign up for your preferred program from just $39/4 weeks, one-off payment.

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