"Motivating and Incredibly Fun"

We are so proud of Dave and his results. We’re stoked on the results that he’s been able to achieve so far. And he’s not done yet!

Since coming to Century he’s droped a hell of a lot of weight. HIs mission is not over yet.

Each week, we help keep him motivated and on track to achieving his dream weight.

Then, we’ll make sure he keeps it off. Once and for all.

Like with all our athletes we challenge Dave. That’s our job. To push you, within your limits. Never asking more than you can physically do. But we make sure we keep it fun.

My fitness has increased dramatically. I dropped a hell of a lot of weight. I like the humour that the coaches dish out. They motivate us. But they also keep it very fun.


The fun and the community are crucial components to our athletes’ success.

We make sure you’re always in a supportive environment. Learning new things. Always new and fresh, without repetition. Surrounded by great mates, all on the same mission as you.