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Canberra’s own high performance, science based programming that delivers strikingly effective training in a supportive and disciplined environment.

Our signature program, Outdoor Bootcamp is renowned for its science-based results driven training that has been delivered in a supportive and structured way in Canberra since 2010. Our team of coaches are extremely knowledgeable, educated, and motivating. Our community of athletes (you!) are diverse, incredibly inspiring to train with, and come from all fitness backgrounds.


Our bootcamp is what we are known for here in Canberra…
It’s not just a group. It’s not a class. It’s a Tribe.

Locations - Times - Pricing


Mawson District Playing Fields
Mawson, Canberra 2607
Carpark off Beasley St

Monday – Wednesday – Friday
6.00 – 7.00am


Perce Douglas Memorial Playing Fields
Nicholls, Canberra 2913
Carpark off Clarrie Hermes Drive

Tuesday – Thursday – Friday
6.00 – 7.00am


What to expect

✔ Military-inspired, science-backed, results-driven outdoor group training.
✔ High volume strength endurance + High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), all in the same session.
✔ Bodyweight movements to improve mobility, strength and fitness
✔ Expert coaches that are extremely knowledgeable, educated, and motivating. They help you achieve your goals and provide leading guidance and support including helping you to improve your technique.
✔ A safe, fun and supportive community environment. Make lifelong new mates as you help each other in your fitness journey.
✔ Unique every session (no repetition!). Keep interest, continually learn new exercises and routines.
✔ Suitable for people of any fitness level. Challenges all athletic abilities without ever asking more than you are physically able to do.
✔ Progresses in intensity each session to ensure continual improvement. Go at your own pace.
✔ Always on. Rain, hail or shine we’ll keep you accountable.

Expect results – that you’ll keep long term.


For the safety and order of a large training tribe

You must be enrolled before the start of each new training program.
You must arrive before the session starts
You must notify by email/msg (0408 027 025) if you will be late or absent
When an instructor is speaking you don’t
A clean Century shirt must be worn to every session, extra shirts can be purchased for $25
No watches, jewellery or personal affects
Do not spit in the training area (at least 10m from any activity or athlete), if you need ‘private time’ do it away from where the session is being run
You are expected to be adequately hydrated before the session. Drink breaks are not to be taken unless instructed by your trainer to do so
Missed session = 100 burpees in your own time for your benefit


How it Works

With our diverse background, extensive experience, and knowledgeable coaching team, Century’s training is second to none. Our signature Outdoor Bootcamp is based on tried and tested strength and conditioning methods influenced by its founders’ disciplined background. Combined with high performance, science-based athletic techniques, Outdoor Bootcamp ensures that the greatest physiological response is achieved in the shortest amount of time.

At Century, our periodised program is broken up into weekly microcycles, monthly mesocycles and form part of a yearly macrocycle. Each cycle is developed with specific targets and goals to accelerate results, support growth and importantly aid recovery.

Training is polarised, meaning at any given session our athletes can expect to conduct high volume strength endurance training, using equipment like deadballs, torsion bars, sandbags and battling ropes, offset with completing lactate threshold training or high-intensity interval training in the same session.Fundamental to every session is our use of bodyweight conditioning movements, focusing on improving an athletes ability to move their body through space and against gravity comfortably, before we add extra resistance, speed, or complexity. In doing so we ensure progression is managed safely and our athletes are equipped functionally to take on the rigours of life.

Regardless of the level of athletic ability, Century has the capacity, knowledge and team to support athletes to identify and unlock your infinitus potentia (infinite potential).

With a little grit and determination this is the program for you!

Outdoor Bootcamp:

  • 3 x 60min sessions each week for 4 weeks
  • Train any season, weather or terrain
  • Designed to challenge all athletic abilities without asking more than they are physically able to do
  • Progresses in intensity each session to ensure continual improvement
  • Unique every session (no repetition!)
  • NB: due to group sizes, coach supervision and planning purposes, locations and times cannot be mixed.

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