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Improve yourself, your health and your well-being. Get strong, fit, and surround yourself with people on the same mission as you. Enrol in Canberra’s leading most experienced Outdoor Bootcamp, since 2010. Enrol now while positions last.

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“I joined these guys for health and fitness reasons 7 years ago. Along the way I found my best friends, a new view on life and changes I could only dream of. Best decision to join Century for a fitter, stronger life I have ever made. Highly recommend.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 5/5 – Duncan Amos

“More like a fitness family, the support and encouragement is what makes it so much more enjoyable. You definitely need to give it a go!!! ????”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 5/5 – Stephanie Alves

“My fitness has increased dramatically. I dropped a hell of a lot of weight. I like the humour that the coaches dish out. They motivate us. But they also keep it very fun.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 5/5 – Dave

Join Remote Training!

Join Online Remote Training now if you’re looking to immediately get strong, fit, and surround yourself with people on the same mission as you. Perfect for those that prefer to train at home or those that missed out on Outdoor Bootcamp. Expect the same community, results, motivation and guidance as our signature Outdoor Bootcamp.

Remote Training is an App-based 4-week periodised program that can be joined at 12 set start dates a year and can be completed anywhere, anytime!

Each program consists of a 4-week plan with 16 workouts – 12 static workouts that can be completed in as little as a 2mx2m space and 4 outdoor workouts which are ideally completed in a backyard or local oval, however, can also be adapted to be done indoors.

Cost is $39/4 weeks = 16 workouts (12 static & 4 outdoor).

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Bootcamp Locations - Times - Pricing

Woden [AM]

Mawson District Playing Fields
Mawson, Canberra 2607
Carpark off Beasley St

Monday – Wednesday – Friday
6.00 – 7.00am

Gungahlin [AM]

Perce Douglas Memorial Playing Fields
Nicholls, Canberra 2913
Carpark off Clarrie Hermes Drive

Tuesday – Thursday – Friday
6.00 – 7.00am



What to expect

✔ Military-inspired, science-backed, results-driven outdoor group training.
✔ High volume strength endurance + High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), all in the same session.
✔ Bodyweight movements to improve mobility, strength and fitness
✔ Expert coaches that are extremely knowledgeable, educated, and motivating. They help you achieve your goals and provide leading guidance and support including helping you to improve your technique.
✔ A safe, fun and supportive community environment. Make lifelong new mates as you help each other in your fitness journey.
✔ Unique every session (no repetition!). Keep interest, continually learn new exercises and routines.
✔ Suitable for people of any fitness level. Challenges all athletic abilities without ever asking more than you are physically able to do.
✔ Progresses in intensity each session to ensure continual improvement. Go at your own pace.
✔ Always on. Rain, hail or shine we’ll keep you accountable.

Expect results – that you’ll keep long term.



✔ QR codes Check-In
✔ Strict class sizes
✔ Digital attendance taken every session
✔ Fully vaxxed coaches
✔ Ample space for social distancing (incl no direct contact with one another)
✔Minimal equipment sharing and sanitising after each use