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Canberra Training

The team behind Century Strength & Conditioning have been training everyday athletes since 2010. We are proud to be Canberra’s premier outdoor fitness provider, offering bootcamp programs in any season, weather or terrain.

Our signature Outdoor Bootcamp is a minimum commitment of 3 x 40min sessions a week for 4 weeks consisting of high performance, science-based programming that delivers strikingly effective training in a supportive and disciplined environment. Suitable for all fitness levels, it is periodised to increase in intensity and complexity to ensure continual improvement, plus you won’t repeat sessions over and over.

If you are from a sporting team or don’t live close to one of our local programs, contact us and we can discuss options for providing a tailored fitness solution to meet your needs.

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Remote Training

Our program is designed for use on smart phones and devices via our fully functional fitness App and requires no fancy equipment, spaces or previous fitness experience to complete. All our workouts are self-paced and easily followed thanks to smart in-App timers, set layouts and video tutorials.

Each program consists of a 4-week plan with 16 workouts – 12 static workouts that can be completed in as little as a 2mx2m space and 4 outdoor workouts which are ideally completed in a backyard or local oval, however can also be easily adapted to be work indoors.

Remote Training is broken up into weekly microcycles, monthly mesocycles and form part of a quarterly macrocycle. Each cycle is developed with specific targets and goals to accelerate results. At the end of each quarter our workout plans are re-freshed with some workouts replaced or updated and the next quarterly cycle tweaked to ensure continual improvement.

Participants can expect to conduct high volume body-weight strength endurance training, offset with completing lactate threshold training or high-intensity interval training.


Our bootcamp is what we are known for here in Canberra…
It’s not just a group. It’s not a class. It’s a Tribe.

Why Choose Us

Achieve Results

3 days a week = dramatic results in body composition, including fat loss, muscular strength, tone, and cardiovascular endurance.

Improve Health

Boost the immune system, lower stress levels, increase energy and become generally healthier and happier.

Experienced Team

Highly skilled and qualified from different backgrounds including military, martial arts, calisthenics, yoga, strongman and ultra endurance running.

Outdoor bootcamp

Stay motivated and accountable to your goals through group training and be encouraged by your coaches and peers.

Our Team


I haven’t come across a style of workout that consistently challenged my fitness… It’s the best investment you can do for your health.

Our Athletes - You!

Getting healthier has led me to educate myself further within the health and fitness industry, try more things, change the way I eat and live,...

Mel Bootcamp

Mel, Woden

This style of training has been an absolute game changer for me. I’m stronger in ways that are more than just physical. The mental resilience...

Beth Bootcamp Training

Beth, Woden

If you need motivation to keep going your fellow athletes are sweating right next to you, chances are we have all been in the same...

Tim Century Strong

Tim, Gungahlin

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