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DFR Virtual Fitness FAQ's

How do I join the zoom sessions?

Links to weekly zoom session (Monday/Thursday) will be in-app under the ‘kettlebell’ icon.

All times are in AEST (AEDT once daylight savings starts)

AM Program

Week 1-4 AEST

  • VIC, ACT, NSW, QLD: 6.15-7.00AM
  • SA, NT: 5.45-6.30AM
  • WA: 4.15-5.00AM

Week 5-6 AEDT (daylight savings time)

  • VIC, ACT, NSW: 6.15-7.00AM
  • QLD: 5.15-6.00AM
  • SA, NT: 4.45-5.30AM
  • WA: 3.15-4.00AM

PM Program

Week 1-4 AEST

  • VIC, ACT, NSW, QLD: 6.30-7.15PM
  • SA, NT: 6.00-6.45PM
  • WA: 4.30-5.15PM

Week 5-6 AEDT

  • VIC, ACT, NSW: 6.30-7.15PM
  • QLD: 5.30-6.15PM
  • SA, NT: 5.00-5.45PM
  • WA: 3.30-4.15PM

How do I complete my benchmark assessments?

Links to instructions and YouTube tutorials are located under the ‘kettlebell’ icon. There are two compulsory benchmark testing sessions during the program, based on the Pre Fitness Assessment (PFA). You must complete this in your own time and record your results in the App during week 1 (completed by 11.59pm Sunday of week 1) and week 6 (completed by 11.59pm Sunday of week 6).
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Can I join the zoom via my laptop?

Yes. You can login into the program on a desktop with and input username and password you set up on the app.

I am having trouble connecting to zoom

Check your internet or mobile coverage. You must have an active network connection with data allowed to stream.
Make sure you are clicking the correct dates link.
Try a hard reset by quitting the app and relaunching.

Where should I do the zoom session?

You can partake anywhere that suits. You will need clear space of approx. 2m x 2m – no equipment necessary.
Be mindful of privacy and not disclosing anything of a private nature in your background.
Please keep your video on so that your trainer can see your form and technique.

What should I wear?

Wear what is comfortable and supportive for you. Shoes optional.

Do we need to do anything after the zoom or app workout?

When you finish a workout scroll to the bottom and click save. You will then be asked to rate the workout. This will register the workout as completed and you will see it in your calendar.

Do we need to input photos and other stats like blood pressure, body fat % etc.?

Only put in photo and stats if you wish – this is not compulsory, just a feature of the app. Photos and stats are only shared between you and your trainer. No one else will be able to see them.

Is it compulsory to do the extra on-demand app workouts as well as the zoom sessions?  

Zoom sessions are compulsory. For best results we recommend you embrace all aspects of the virtual fitness program including in-app workouts and stretches. Switching up routine is a great way to improve results.

If you already go to the gym or do other activities, you can track these in the blue “+” icon, using the green “activity” icon in the app. This way the trainer can see your additional activity.

NB: app workouts are refreshed each week

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When it says we need to complete at least 2 app workouts per week, would one workout include the whole sequence (3, 3.1, 3.2)?

Yes. A full workout usually totals 40mins. You can break it up but ones that include decimal points (3.1,3.2 etc) are designed to be done together and in order for best results.

Why am I not getting any messages or notifications?

To stay connected and motivated make sure you have managed the settings of your app notifications, especially the group chat which is the easiest way to communicate with Century Strong and the DFR team. You can receive these in-app only via a push notification to your smart phone or device or in-app and email with a copy of the message sending to the email.

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What should I eat?

Everyone is different when it comes to their goals and supporting nutritional needs. We advocate choosing whole foods (less processing) and a holistic approach including adding mindfulness practices to your routine. For more information check out our EAT (Education and Training) e-book.

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